Breakthroughs In Alternative Treatments For Diabetes

We recently discovered the work of Dr Jacob Swilling and his book, “Cure Diabetes Naturally.”  Read on to find out more about this internationally known research scientist and the results he gets at his “Know Your Options” Center in southern California

Diabetic DietHave you recently been diagnosed with diabetes?  Got that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that life will never be the same?  You’re not alone, and in fact pretty much everyone we know who has been told by a doctor that they have the condition have gone through similar feelings.  One of the biggest gripes among people seems to be that doctors want to fix you up with drugs.  Drugs can be great (and often necessary), but what if you’re looking for a more natural approach to making yourself healthy?

Luckily there are medical professionals out there who feel the same way. Dr. Jacob Swilling is one of them.  He has an impressive background which spans 20 years of research experience in biochemistry, and a focus on degenerative diseases, cancer and chronic illness.  He also has a PhD in Clinical Nutrition, so he knows more than most about what’s good for you, and what can help you if you get sick.

The Holistic View of the body in controlling diabetes

We’ve found that one of the most interesting aspects of Dr Swilling’s work is that he takes a “holistic” or ‘all-round” view of the body and its reactions to disease. He has just recently published a book on some ground breaking natural therapies that people can use to control their diabetes which we think may be useful to many people who don’t just want to rely on traditional drugs to control their condition.  His book, called Cure Diabetes Naturally, is based on his clinical research into natural alternatives for treating diabetes, but also looks at how you can improve your overall health – something that most doctors today will not spend much time on.

So let’s take a closer look at what kinds of eye-opening information you will get from Cure Diabetes Naturally:

– How stress can affect your health and your diabetes, and his strategies for relieving stress

– How well is your thyroid functioning?  If you answered “Don’t know” or “What’s my thyroid?” then Dr Swilling’s advice will make you sit up and take notice

– Ways To prevent insulin reactions, the natural way

When you actually look at the number of people who are diagnosed each year with diabetes it’s a really shocking statistic – currently standing at around 28 million just in the United States.  But when you look at how many of those people end up dying from the condition – around 500,000 Americans – you realize just how important this information really is!

What to do if you are diagnosed with diabetes

Healthy Foods For DiabeticsIf you are diagnosed with diabetes, and need to change your lifestyle to get healthier, or want to treat the root cause of the condition and not just mask it with drugs, then do your research and get the right information.  There’s lots of advice out there on diabetes right now, but very little of it is based on actual research or pateint results.  Dr Swilling’s book gives you access to the results from real patient case studies.  From his 20 years of research into clinical nutrition he will give you insight into how you can:

– Use vitamin supplements on a daily basis to help get you off insulin

– Create and maintain an easy to follow diet that will stabilize your blood sugar levels

– Introduce you to the concept of “healing slow carbs” that can slash your diabetes risk altogether!

For many people being controlled by drugs 24/7 is just not acceptable. Being healthy and living the lifestyle you want is all about taking the control back!  Cure Diabetes Naturally will help you to start your journey to a healthier you using proven natural techniques and treatments.  Dr Swilling believes in the power of natural and alternative treatments for diabetes, and it is his mission to help people prevent and overcome diabetes without resorting to drugs.  Check out Dr Swilling’s book, Cure Diabetes Naturally, today and find out how!

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